I went online with Discover Card and paid off my balance 2 weeks ago. Today I received a bill for $25 stating that it was interest on my card.

I called and spoke to a very unpleasant woman who said yes I do owe that because they do not show the interest online. My bill also showed that I had $7.50 in cash back rewards. I asked her to apply that to the bill and I would pay the rest off. She said she could not do that because "the computer will not allow me to".

I asked her how I could get that money back.

She said I couldn't and if I did not use the card for 2 years, they would just write that money back to the company! What a rip off this card company is.

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Did you ever PAY ATTENTION to the ways you can redeem your cash back bonus? There are several other ways to have it redeemed then back to your statement...


Actually, If you dont carry a balance every month and pay it off when the statement comes out you are not charged interest. But depending on the balance, ex if its a cash advance balance you are charged a percentage of interest everyday for everyday til you pay it off.


Did you ask a customer service rep for a pay off amount or did you just take it upon yourself and pay off the statement balance? You must of carried a balance each month and then paid off your balance.

Let me guess, you used a check? Do you not know you are earning residual interest from the time your billing dates closes to the time the company receives your payment?

Did you READ your terms and conditions. It's your fault.


If you pay your balance every month, you should NEVER pay interest. It doesn't matter when you pay the balance, as long as it's prior to the due date.


You must not understand how interest works on credit cards. You are charged a daily average interest for your entire billing cycle. So if you had a balance of $1000 on your card for the first 10 days of the cycle, and then paid it all off, you would still be charged interest for having that $1000 balance on your card during the billing cycle even though for the remaining 20 days your balance is zero.

As far as the cash back rewards, I also have a Discover card, and they won't let you apply the rewards toward your balance if the cash back is under $50.

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