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They call me an average of 20 times per month. They call to remind me of an upcoming due date; new offers; payment by phone... They have called as early as 8:30am on a Saturday. They call on my home number - which I recently disconnected - now the calls come on my cell.

Besides being nasty, they do not leave a call back number or any messages.

I have cancelled my card and still paying on the balance. I will never have a Discover Card ever again.

There has got to be a law to prohibit these unsolicited calls. I've had enough.

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“There is no need for anyone to be cold, hungry, homeless or in poverty. All these things are caused by the lack of pieces of paper and electronic numbers called money circulating in the world and by the charging of interest on them. We could change that today if the desire was there” David Icke

The bankers can accumulate and manipulate businesses by accepting, or refusing, loans.

The whole house of cards, and the control of the human race, is based on the charging of interest on money. The subject of interest is crucial. There is nothing wrong with money if it is used only as a measure of exchange for goods and services. It is when you can charge interest on money, most of which doesn’t physically exist, that enormous dangers arise.

You can then make more money from manipulating pieces of paper and electronic numbers than you can from producing essential goods and services for people who need them. With the charging of interest, the money chases those who already have money and ignores those who have not. The cataclysmic social and financial divisions in the world are caused by the charging of interest on money.

Production is geared to greed, not need, and the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. Often it is not the cost of a house that prevents people from buying a home; it is because we have to buy three or four for the right to live in one!


I definately agree discover sales people call many many times. When someone calls simply asked to please be removed from the solicitation list.

Then the rep should read a verbatim disclosure that they are taking you off the list. If you can't get through to the sales rep calling you. Simply dial 1800 discover you will speak to a customer service rep. Ask to be removed from solicitation list for discover and third parties.

They will happily do it. There are millions of customers out there who don't mind being called.

Its very very easy. Not rocket sience


"A" - OK, maybe just once - but I got over it quickly... I've never been late on payment, but their relentless phone calls just got to me that I closed the account.


i understood what you were saying, just felt like being an a$$. your response leads me to believe that you thought about this at least once before you went to sleep; don't lie.

on a more serious note, I hope you are making some progress on paying off your canceled card. good luck


Hey "A", apparently you don't read very well... I guess your attention span is as long as your screen name.

I'll repeat it just for you: "They call to remind me of an upcoming due date; new offers; payment by phone". Apparently you also don't believe the thousands of other posting on this subject.

Whether you believe me or not, I will not lose any sleep over it. Sounds like you could be one of the idiots that make these calls.


usually if you pay your pills on time you don't get phone calls so I have a hard time believing your story.

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