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Had Discover card couple of years check by phone..credit dept. didn't put all numbers in..Told to reissue $300.00 check..dell put both in, they both cleared, putting me overdrawn..I was on vacation.

I have had discover card now about 5years?.check payment== bank had not received my payment so i called to see the problem. Issued another payment. I was only a couple days late. I have an excellent history of paying on time.

Up my interest over double 29.9% for six months----------

Six months later about $3 over limit due to their interest so now i am paying another 6 months at 29.9%.

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If I were you, I would pay off the balance on your Discover card (if you have one) and close the account. It's obvious that Discover doesn't give a *** about their customers.

I'm sure you can find another credit card with a lower interest rate. I wish you luck.

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