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My Mom held a Discover Card. She literally dropped dead.

With the shock of losing her (I am an only child) the last thing I needed was Discover Card harassing me within 2 weeks of her passing. She owed all of $632. I planned to pay it, but...honestly, how can one settle an estate in 2 weeks? After creating a video "telling my story", their CEO, David Nelms called me.

He apologized and offered to forgive the $632. I declined. I was not trying to get out of paying. We both agreed donating that money to Mom's favorite charity would be a good resolution.

I did.

I just learned Discover Card hit my credit score: 90+ days past due!!! Please friend me on facebook: Discover Card Harasses Mourners YouTube: Discover Card treats mourners

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If a company cannot do the right thing then they deserve what they have earned. Adios Discovery.


I've had the same thing happen to my family with them. hers the thing though if you were on your mothers account, you are now in charge of her debts.

My family was lucky that as no one was on my grandfathers accounts so they could not go after us to collect anything. to quote my aunt "good luck collecting from a dead man."(five years after he passed)

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