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I have had a Discover Card for 5 years now. Charged plenty using my generous 8000.00 credit line. Always paid on time and pay more than the minimum payment. Owe them 1500.00 on the card. A few weeks ago I noticed my rate had gone form 14.9 to 21.9. Called and asked why. They sent me over to a rate specialist in Arizona. She stated she could not adjust the rate and could have a letter out explaining the increase. This is what the letter said:

account open for more than 12 months

APR less than 20%

Account not used monthly

The APR was adjusted for those reasons. I have excellent credit and the letter went on to state that information for their decision was not due to any information from a credit reporting agency.

THESE people are nothing but crooks! I have as of today paid the account off and closed the account.

Another tidbit.....I received checks from Discover weekly trying to entice me to make purchases or balance transfers ( actually had a book in the mail today). THANK GOD I had more sense!

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