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I signed up for a zero percent balance-transfer card from Discover earlier this year and activated the card as soon as I got it. I got a notice in the mail today (Sep 25 2009) saying the following:

"The new Discover card that we recently sent you has not been activated. Please contact us today by calling 1-866-238-9489 to confirm you have received your card(s). We plan to send you a replacement card if we don't hear from you by 09/25/09. For your security purposes, your card must be activated before you can begin using it."

The notice had my name, address and the last 4 digits of my card number on it.

I called Discover immediately to double check that my card was active (which it was) and that they hadn't issued another card (which they hadn't). But as soon as I explained to the representative why I was calling and that I thought I had received a possible postal mail credit card scam she went into immediate hard sell mode in trying to get me to sign up for Discover's Identity Theft protection service at $9/month. She said that since it seemed as if someone was trying to access my account then I should at least sign up for a couple months and then cancel when I felt I didn't need it anymore. She even went as far as to say that she'd give me the number to cancel while I was on the phone so I would know that it was an easy, straightforward cancellation process.

The entire call felt like a high pressure sales tactic so I stalled and said I needed to think about it but would call back later once I'd made up my mind. Instead, I immediately jumped on Google and found this review with someone having the same experience as I did. This is all very fishy to me... I would hate to think that Discover was running a scam to scare people into signing up for extra, unneeded services. It doesn't help their case that I also just received a copy of my new account agreement with all the changes mandated by the new credit card laws coming into effect. Seems like Discover is trying to drum up extra revenue if you ask me....

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I pay for identity theft protection. Today I got an email that there is unusual high risk.

They want me to fill out the form to restore card access. It came from Discover Card Dept. Should I complete the form or is it a scam?

John W. McBride

Clinton, Illinois, United States #91861

flood the "800" number with calls-call every day or two or three times per day-insist on speaking with supervisor, get supervisor's name and call back every day and ask to speak with this person-if enough of us keep calling we will effectively shut down their operation

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