Since 8:40 a.m. this morning, I began to receive a call every two hours from Discover Card. When I called the Company, the representative told me that I have missed a payment. This is the only time I've missed a payment! I paid the bill and requested that in the future they refrain from calling me non-stop.

The customer service representative replied that, "it is not harassment if you owe us money."

She further informed me that Company's policy is to keep calling, until you call them back and pay your bill.

I called back and spoke to a different customer service representative, who confirmed the policy.

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There are laws against harassment and regulations over debt collecting. The adult thing to do is be reasonable and lawful.


Well, for those of you who think the easy fix is just paying your bill on time- it is not! I have always paid my bill on time and guess what-every month someone calls me and insists that I have not paid it and will not even listen when I tell them I have.

I talk to his supervisor and am promised-and oh yeah, we see that you have paid it. I am told that I will not be called again.

Oh, guess what-they call again and again and again! Early morning, late nite, even at work...


The point is - person regularly pays monthly payment and then has something happen and they miss one (1 mind you!) and then gets call, explains situation, pays bill and then still gets harassing calls constantly every couple of hours is over-the-top! It's not like some of these folk miss on purpose, refuse for some odd reason etc.

Listen, I've missed a payment on a rare occasion with a couple of the CC companys that I use and I call or email customer service - explaine the situation and update the payment and never have an issue with calls, letters, emails or what-have-you.

If anything, they have appreciated my taking time to call and deal with the problem. Don't give me that "man up" junk - not everyone is purposely missing things and this person seems to have had one slip up and if that is the case there is no need for Discover to be resorting to this kind of harassment.


Many thanks to you for sharing this information.You explained every point very well.

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fo sheezy white beezy. pay your bills on time and you won't get harrassed. If someone owed you a lot of money and was late wouldnt you be upset?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #166220

Well do the adult thing and pay your bill, problem solved.

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