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Was told by the original loan officer that the loan would be at 8.99%. He requested the last 4 of my SSN as my electronic signature. Like an ***, I took his word for it. I didn't even look at the documents that were sent with the initial payment slip and just continued to pay like an ***. Years later I finally noticed that my principal had been going down extremely slow compared to a school loan that was at 6%.

I finally looked at my bill to see that the calculated interest payment was over 14%! I called in and they only confirmed that this is what it's always been at and what I agreed to! This is BS! They record their calls so my original call had better be on file cause that mofo'ing loan officer clearly stated 8.99% and I even wrote it down on my original notes.

Discover Card Personal Loans / Discover Bank Personal Loans should be ashamed of themselves. I'm going to pay off the balance and never do business with discover or any subsidiary ever again.

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It's your own fault. You should never blindly sign anything w/o reading it first. I had a similar thing happen and made the loan officer change it to the agreed amount.

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