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My wife purchased an electronic book from Fry’s Electronics (Fry) for my birthday (December 18) gift. She was assured that all purchases before Christmas are returnable. When she attempted to return the gift, it was refused. Subsequently I shipped the product to them on January 2 via United States Postal Service. You will note on the attached tracking confirmation that the package was delivered to Fry on January 3. They subsequently rewrapped the package, added appropriate postage and marked it, “Return to Sender!” on January 31. The attached copy of the returned package clearly shows that they had received the package and reshipped it 28 days later.

Discover Card was promptly notified of this dispute on January 3,. copy attached, and removed the charge from my account. However, they subsequently reinstated the charge and now refuse to remove it. They have now embarked on a illegal process of harrassment ignoring my many requests to desist from all communications with me. They call at all hours and days and their disputes department insists that they will not now remove the charge. Apparently they believe they will collect from me by threatening to damage my credit for a charge that could never be collected in any court of law. I was informed by Discover employees that they have had many disputes with Fry but the disputes department continues to represent the interests of this unscrupulous vendor rather than their consumer. I have cancelled my account with Discover and have not used their service since this dispute arose. I am truly surprised that Discover invests heavily in recruiting new consumers and then ignores their customers rights. Why would any credit provider support unscupulous vendors that they have had numerous problems with and knows that is dishonest and ignore their own customers’ legal rights?.

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