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In 2004, due to some financial difficulties, it become difficult for us to pay our Discover Card monthly bill of over $400. We called Discover Card Customer Services and made arrangements for a special automatic-deduction payment plan of $216 per month for 12 months under a special low-interest plan that would basically pay interest only until things were better for us.

When the plan expired, I called Discover again and they agreed to extend the plan for another 6 months, providing I began making higher payments.

During this entire 18 month period, my account showed a perfect payment history.

We made certain that the money was available in our account EVERY SINGLE MONTH. However when we were about to buy a home, our loan company ran a credit report that showed Discover had incorrectly assessed a 30, a 60 and a 90 day late report to the credit bureaus during a 6 month period.

In a completely unsympathetic tone, a supervisor explained that even though we had handled our account appropriately, the Discover Customer Service agent that setup the program extension neglected to maintain the special interest rate that would keep the account from going negative and ultimately late.  He would not take responsibility or reverse the credit reporting.

He would only say that I should have reviewed my monthly statements more closely!  Our honesty and desire to be financially responsible have been rewarded with rudeness and underhanded billing practices that will at the very least cost us many times the amount of our debt in the form of higher home-loan interest rates.

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I had a similar experience with Discover. I was unfortunately unable to make payments to them at all.

I called them and explained my situation and told them I would send in what I could when I could and I did. I was getting phone calls every day about why I wasn't paying and I eventually got sent to a collections agency. Fortunately, my situation improved and I was able to pay. When I was enrolled in their low interest/ hardship program while I finished college, they reported me as 30, 60, and 90 days late.

When such a time comes to have an emergency credit card again, I will not go with Discover. The only reason I had the card was to cover what financial aid for college would not pay.

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