I get my statment in the mail from discover and I look at it and it tell me that behind in my payments. But I'm not because I do make the min payments.

I give them 25.00 one time and 15.00 other time.

Discover took my money. Now I starting to get calls from the customer rep. They told me because that I did not give them the full min payment and that why I got the late fees. At least I give them something.

I was never later with my payments. discover dose not care about anybody.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #599753

Number one you should have never agreed to this contract if you could not pay the monthly amount stated.Why?Would you place charge's on this account and then send what you want to send in as payment.If the statement say's pay $25.00 then you should pay this amount.What is going to happen is you are going to mess up your CREDIT by sending in $15.00 when the statement state's $25.00.Then when they refuse to give you any CREDIT what are going to do then?You are not doing DISCOVER CARD a favor by paying $15.00.You are hurting yourself by not paying the $25.00.WTF.Is wrong with you.DISCOVER CARD should be GREATFUL for the $15.00 ARE YOU SERIOUS?You are a ***.And on top of this,DISCOVER CARD should close your account Period.

Naples, Florida, United States #599736

NO, YOU need to pay what YOU agreed to pay, not what you WANT to pay.


If your minimum payment is $25 then you need to make the full payment of $25. That's your fault.

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