I was offered a 0% credit card, but when the card came, the rate was 0.99%. No big deal, but then almost immediately a new card was sent and on activation the rate was 1.99%.

When I complained, the representative said she would change it to 0.99%, but my bill shows part of the balance at 0.99% and some at 1.99%. In addition, they charged me 15.49% for purchases made BEFORE the offer was in effect.

I spent 2 hours of my Saturday trying to clear up this mess. The unctuous account representative spoke to me like a child, explaining very carefully with small words where I had "gone wrong in my understanding".

By the way, I am a physician and Phi Beta Kappa, and so I do understand a few polysyllabic words. I told him to cancel my account, and that I would not pay any finance charges or transfer fees.

I transferred my balance to another card (0% interest).

Review about: Discover Bank Account.

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