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Basically, I'm now a single mom, divorcing, last hearing July 15 and 17th, it has been *** as divorces are known to be, I have two big cc, discover and chase, can discover wait till the divorce is over since I was left frozen to any financial ability from ex? No, I now have a local county lawsuit from discover that I have no possible way to pay till the divorce is final, so now today was apparently pretrial, and having been told I am in the throws of divorce almost a year ago, you would think they could wait for the outcome so I can pay, instead the vultures are here, and as if its not bad enough that I do suffer from PTSD, have no finances practically, have had to ask for the court to make ex assist, while my teen daughter and I sit here with almost no food or help after he left, Discover swoops in to poke the corpses eyes out.

I am unemployed, haven't found a job since mid 2012, but was current up till the divorce non the less. I graduated with a BA and am planning to enter nursing in September so I can be employable.

So then why am I still in court if clearly I will be ok after the divorce is final and I can get back on my feet???? Chase had no problem understanding my circumstance, Discover, well I guess that orange dot on that card is clearly consumer blood.

Review about: Discover Bank Credit Card.

Reason of review: Discover suing while at end of divorce while I am applying for food assistance, medical assistance, unemployed, single mom, with ptsd.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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So.... You're upset because Discover isn't giving an unemployed deadbeat however much time she wants to pay her bills?

Like any other business, they rightfully expect to be paid.... Your excuses are absurd


New York, New York, United States #859467

and we wonder why America is going downhill, people can't manage their finances and go into debt, but they all still have the latest ipads, iphones, flat screen tvs, eat out in restaurants. sad & dumb

to Mohammed Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #859503

Debt and capitalism go hand in hand, interestingly it is not just an issue in America, or in this year, debt has occured since man invented ownership. Debt, and any government system go hand and hand, as long as there is ownership, money, and values to items, people, and work.

To consider that "people cannot handle their finances" is to say finances are not handling people well, which is true, the economy is struggling. There is only so much world capital, it happens to be tipped on the side of not being in balance between national and private capital, hence the consumer, economic, and political private squeeze. So, if you are worried that people experiencing hardships have cell phones, or any other devices that deeply disturb you for them to have, you should quickly turn to the way of the enlightened, and do as you ask others, get rid of all worldly possessions, and see how that fares for you, if that is good enough for one person you feel has no right to possessions, then it likewise should be your personal rule applied to yourself. To live today costs money an illness, money, water, money, transportation, money, so therefore, you never know what situation may indebt you or a friend or family, so you may want to consider if you, friends, or family have any rights whatsoever as people, or if you have only rights if you can afford the air and water.

The fact is technology has nothing to do with poverty besides its increasing dependence for everyday living. This case is about big companies squeezing when it is not necessary, bullying, greed, and basic human considerations.

Or as all you could rummage up, jeoulasy over what digital devices Americans have? Guess some people have to pan for their ego gold in shallower waters than the impoverished.

to Mohammed Dearborn, Michigan, United States #1256360

Wow harsh much? She said her assets were frozen.

FROZEN like in SHE CAN'T GET TO HER MONEY ***, not a deadbeat, and I didnt see anything about the latest ipads, iphones, flat screen tvs, eating out in restaurants in her comment. If you can't be constructive, shut the *** up.

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