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Our Higher Interest (23.99%)Cash Advance Balance keeps going up (some months over $50)even though we stopped using the Discover Card for any cash advances years ago!It turns out that Discover not only charges you interest on the unpaid balance of your past cash advances every month but they also add almost all of the interest amount they charge you MONTHLY to the 'Balance Subject to Interest Rate' so your already higher interest 'cash advance balance' skyrockets even though you are no longer making any personal cash advances on it, they are!

This is such a consumer rip off!

I strongly warn everyone I know to stay away from Discover Card cash advance offers...they sound really great until the special offer time period is over and then you 'discover' you're going to end up paying out way more than you would through any other company's card.Discover Card Cash Advance Offers are nothing but bad news for consumers.

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I have the same problem.I am contemplating filing a complaints with State AG as well bringing suit.

This doesn't look like it is legal. The cash advances should remain the same if you pay minimum. But they are adding interest as cash advances.

Let's bring a class action.They are already up to their A$$ based on my Google search.


My cash advance balance goes up almost 100 dollars every month.I have not used this feature in over 2 years.

They have added 2400 dollars to my cash advance balance in 2 years. They can not explain why this is happening.

I have filed a report with the BBB and still they give me the run around about this activity.I make my min monthly payment so my balance should at least stay the same not go up (on my cash adavance) every month.

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