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Fellow Hardworking American Citizens,


(Have a bake sale, a car wash, sell stuff on ebay, but don't get screwed by a credit card company, like I am gettting screwed (BUT NOW FIGHTING BACK)


My story or a rough cut of a letter that is truly still a work in progress is below, it is being sent to discover, craft your own letter, fight the power, no more 28% interest, no more debts that last 20 years because they are specially formulated to keep you in debt, based on the companies knowing your payment history that is what you are capable of, and hitting you with fees or an interest rate, to keep you in debt, it is IN DISCOVER CARDS BEST INTEREST FOR YOU TO BE SUFFOCATED WITH DEBT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, no more!!!!make a stand, the time to fight is now...complain on the internet, post your stories, rants, complaints, even if they are rough like mine, you can come back and hone them up later...also file complaints with the better business cetera...more below...

My name is Tom Anderson and I am submitting this formal complaint letter to Discover Card. I am a very dissatisfied customer and will also be submitting this letter with adjustments made per the audience to the Better Business Bureau, City, State and Federal business regulatory commissions, consumer advocacy groups, my local politicians where I first became a Discover card holder, and to the politicians where I currently reside, local, State and Federal. In addition I will wage an all out campaign against Discover Card and their unscrupulous practices via the internet. By any means necessary. I will give Discover Card 7 days from my mailing of this letter to address this situation, I will be willing to negotiate, initially, but in the past when I have battled capitalistic, corrupt institutions like Discover Card I have found they do not work with me until they see the full barrage one motivated consumer can wreak upon their business.

I have held a Discover card for over 9 years; I have 99% of the time paid my bill, in full on time. I have made a lot of money for your company. That is over.

Problem # 1

My credit limit is at roughly $5000, you loaned me $5000, how many times do you think I have paid you $5000, for the privilege of that initial loan, and how many more times does Discover Card expect me to pay another, and another $5000 on that initial loan you made to me years ago. Other consumers may pay, and pay, but I am standing up and telling you, you made your money off of me and we are through. I have not even used my card for almost 2 years only made payments and their that debt is unmovable...and not even just the minimum payments, we're talkng 300 dollars here, 500 this month, 150 another month...and the debt stays the same...

Problem # 2 Closely tied into Problem #1

Discover Card has figured out a way based on consumer�s average payments, interest rate, credit limit et cetera to keep a consumer constantly and permanently in debt. We have all heard the statistics of how long it would take most consumers to logically and reasonably pay off their credit card debt. We have also heard of how many hard working, good, decent Americans are buried in your credit card debt. Enoughs, enough.

The real question is, do you settle with me, or do you allow me to begin my campaign to encourage all consumers to fight and push, and push and litigate, and default, until your company collapses.

Problem # 3

You have consumers agree to changes in contracts, not by signing or even reading (Witnessing) the change but simply by continuing to use their card. So you sell a consumer a Credit Card via an awesome 0%, no payments, incentives, cash back, BS sales pitch, then mail about thirty offers, junk mail, to the consumers house over the next year but one of those envelopes contains addendums to the original contract, like if you miss one payment not only will you be assessed a late fee (Double Jeopardy Punished twice for the same offense), but your interest rate doubles. How about a late fee or double someones interest, rate, or how about

hey I made my payment, for whatever reason it was a little late, people have logical reasons for being late in life, and so all is forgiven you still get your money and you are still getting 10-13 percent interest on your money, BUT thats not good enough for the fine people at Discover Card, NO, how about my money and 13 percent interest, and a late fee, nope thats not good enough either. Double the interest rate too.

No consumer in their right mind would or for that matter, it turns out, ever did agree to this clause. That clause isnT how Discover Card gets customers. You get em with a beautiful offer. Then send out an addendum to their contract. I would be willing to fight this in court on the grounds that, YES, FOR A CONTRACT TO BE VALID BOTH PARTIES HAVE TO READ, AGREE TO AND SIGN IT. For that matter I might just say that I am not sure I ever signed an agreement with Discover Card, and maybe many consumers didnt. I dont know if I signed my initial contract, it would be easy to find out, but I know I never signed any addendums, concerning raising my interest rate for late payments.

The question is, do I take legal action action against Discover or do I encourage thousands, no millions of consumers to take action, involving many lawyers, in a class action lawsuit against Discover on the validity of contracts, this is just one point among many that could dissolve your and other credit institutions in an instant if this goes to court.

Problem # 4 - And in Closing

I will not pay my Discover Card bill, not now, not ever. Like so many other hard working Americans. Discover card HAS constructed a system to keep consumers in debt. You and other credit lending institutions are unscrupulous. The time for change is NOW. You crossed the wrong guy in this consumer. I will negotiate with you now (Maybe) or within 7 days of you receipt of this letter, but then I pull no punches, and settle for no less than the bankruptcy and collapse of your company, via consumer education, spun into individuals fighting Discover card, turning into class action lawsuits all over the country concerning the validity of contracts and other unfair practices, and turning over accounts and bills concerning overcharges, re-adjustment of interest paid, refunds, refunds, refunds, collapse.

I hope to hear from Discover Card representative soon concerning this issue if not.

One more thing...recently I made a payment on my card at Sears...Discover card called me a month latter and said I owed them a 2 payments, and a late fee, and they are going to raise (Double) my interest rate, because that's what they do if you miss one payment...well, this is because they didn't get the payment I error...people error, don't know yet, it's under investigation, just telling consumers this because all Discover Card holders who have ever been assesed a late fee, or had their interest rates increased, should immediately, don't delay, call or email Discover and demand an audit/investigation of your account, it could be they made a mistake, and didn't get your payment, have them turn over the books on your account, before you ever let them charge you a latge fee or raise your interest rate.

Thank You for reading...

If we all stand up to this BS we can beat it...Democracy?

Review about: Discover Bank Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Here's David Nelms e-mail.Send him an e-mail.

I did and one of his gang did get back to me.

Discover Card is an organization designed to squeeze you till you die financially. ME? 20 years Discover Card holder...then in 2010 when Discover was run into the ground by there then CEO and then bailed out by our taxes they raised my rate to the top level for NO REASON.

These people are financial terrorists and crooks.E-mail him....Here you go


I'm not a big fan of Discover because the majority of their rewards aren't competitive (1% only after $6k of annual purchases compared with most rewards cards starting with at least 1%)

If you want purchase protection Discover's not your card either. Get an Amex or Visa Signature.

However, no one forces you to use their card, just pay it off and put the thing in a sock drawer or cut it up.


Discover Card does not protect you against merchants who sell you faulty goods. I Thee Wed in Fredericksburg VA ruined a wedding dress and Discover Card sided with them and denied by dispute. I never had possession of a dress and am still charged for it.


I agree with your post, I am in a similar situation with Bank of America. When they took over my accounts as a result of mergers and acquisitions they changed the contracts drastically.

I know that there is a set of rules and jurisprudence that credit insitutions have to follow, and if you have any information as to the proper legal terms, and even have some sort of letter template, please post the specifics.

I know that you can summon them to court to produce your original signed contacts, and a lot of the times, they just ignore it. Then, when you do default, there is a paper trail of them ignoring requests to validate the contract, and in some cases, the case gets dismissed, and the original credit wipes out the debt.

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