Palos Heights,Illinois

My brother is a senior citizen; behind on his payments. The calls every couple hours are annoying, but my complaint is that every morning at 8am without fail my brother gets a call from Discover, but it is not a person on the other end but high pitch static sound.

This sounds lasts for at least 30 seconds or more; it is like the sound you hear when you mistakenly call a fax machine. I first thought it was an error, but this has been happening for the last 2+ weeks.

Is this illegal and is it happening to anyone else? What can I do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Discover Bank Credit Card.

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I closed my card because I was sick of them calling. But guess who I received a call from today....hum.

Kamuela, Hawaii, United States #610486

I am not late with any of my payments with Discovery card and they still call all day long from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm every day. This is a waste of their time and totally unnecessary!!

I finally told them to quit calling me and have not heard a peep from them. They are very aggressive and nasty.

Richardson, Texas, United States #599774

Guess what!If everyone just pay's their bill on time,There will be no need to call your home.And also i doubt if they call every hour or Two.Start answering your dam phone and Stop hiding from these people.I am sure you are not away from home all the time ***.

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #628226

i am not late on any payments but they call me weekly trying to get me to set up an automatic payment. i told them i am not interested each time but they continue to call me.

i told them not to call again with this offer but they said they will continue to call.

so this is an example of paying your bills on time but receiving calls. i am planning to pay my card off as fast as i can and get rid of this company

to Anonymous #705981

No true. I make payments on time.

Have done so for over 15 years. I get calls like this regularly. I AM NOT behind. I AM NOT even late.

I do call them too. They tell me they don't know why, my account does not show lates or past due amounts. They tell me to just ignore it.

What I did do is stop using the account & later closed it because of another problem I had with them.

So, you're ignorant response just shows you don't have a clue.

to Anonymous Orange County, California, United States #971868

It's not just people who don't pay... I actually don't even keep a balance on my Discover card, and I just had an incident where Discover called me 3 times a day for a week (including while I was sleeping at 4:00 am) and I finally answered to have them thank me for being a loyal customer. *** them.

to Anonymous #1217825

I don't even have a discover card and get them every even on Sundays. Maybe you should just BUT OUT!

to Anonymous #1333731

Even if someone owes that still doesn't give them the right to call repeatedly.

Richardson, Texas, United States #599772

Even thought your brother is a SENIOR,He still need's to take care of his bill's.This is so simple.Stop using the DISCOVER CREDIT CARD if he cannot pay these people.I am a SENIOR also,But i do not use my DISCOVER CREDIT CARD if i cannot pay the bill.Also you are the one complaining about this bill,You can maybe pay this bill for your brother HUH!Nothing is free.I do not hear anything about you trying to help pay this bill for your brother.

to Anonymous #705986

you're an ***...completely ignorant

Dallas, Texas, United States #591513

Discover card is a Pain in the A... They continually call every 2 hrs. You would think if nobody answers your home phone they would be smart enough to realize you are NOT home.... But to call you every 2 blasted hours leaving messages every other time is *** and a waste of everyones time.

1 Freakin Call A Day should be enough !!!!

to Anoyed #879731

It's understandable that they call. Somebody shouldn't rack up a credit card and then not pay or not even have any communication with them.

If you let somebody borrow $5,000 from you and they avoided you.

What would you do? Get real people.

to Annon85 #1279488

They still shouldn't call back to back though.

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