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DISCOVER card always makes payments due on a weekend or holiday. Last month's due date was June 8 (Sunday). This month's due date is July 4. This is nothing but a dirty trick to try to get your payment received a day late. The Credit Card Act makes this illegal, but...
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Due dates are fixed the 6th of each month, the numeral does not fluctuate...


You can go online and change your payment due date.............

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Recently recieved a 5.0 Superior rating in the mail from discover card advertising a 7.99 loan to consolidate debt. I have had my Discover card for 4 years in good standing, My household income is well above the 25K limit more than 6 x as much , own a home with...
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Beware of Discover and Chase 0% for 1 year offers, they lie. What the do is get you approved online, have you move your debt and lock you into an agreement. Then they send the card and either give you a high interest rate or cut the 0% for a year to six months and by...
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