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I've had an unblemished account for over 14 years. My fico rating is 849. A few years back, Discover cuts my limit in half and bumps the interest rate to the moon for no reason at all. I paid them off. Now, without warning, they close the account due to lack of...
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Cancelling a card after a certain length of inactivity is now a common practice. I had a Visa card cancelled by PNC because I didn't use it for a year. I woudn't get too upset...

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Just called Discover and at first reading a few above posts I was a little nervous. I called and was approved within 5 minutes. I just wanted to be able to buy a camper and boat and not have to worry about it's age. The personal loan let's you buy what you want. ...
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i prefer it to my american express card. customer service is a plus too.


Or better yet, pay cash & no interest.

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I just got off the phone with the rep and I was disappointed to say the least. I needed some help with a student loan and a couple credit cards. After the online paperwork and a phone call the rep came back and said you are approved for a $20k loan at 12.99%. I was...
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turtle ***

there is a turtle in your ***

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