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I called to cancel my Discover card.  I was basically harassed while I continued to explain that I did not need a reason, that I just wanted it closed. After about 10 minutes, the agent rudely told me that the account was closed.

Two weeks later, I received Discover Card checks with my account number. I called back in, spoke to Alisha and explained that I wanted to know the status of my account. She said it was in good standing.

I told her that I had called to cancel the account and that is when she told me there was no record of that.

I told her to cancel it, and she went into the same spiel as the last agent.  After repeating my request 2 more times, she again became rude and told me that I should not cancel the card. I told her that I did not care what she thought, cancel the card. She finally agreed that she would. I bet it is still open.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discover Bank Account.

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Ask for a letter of confirmation that is closed its that simple.

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