I am pissed at Discover card. I have to wait 24-48 hours for a supervisor to call me back. First they messed up was supposed to get a promotional rate saw the rate was not right so had to call they kinda fixed that then they call and say have to call them thinking maybe I won on their contest since have been a customer with them for such a long time nope they just wanted to pissed off a long time good customer by lowering their credit limit just because I had paid some of it down. They said yes I was a good long time customer but the computer says I have to do this even though when I first talked with them they said they could override the computer so the agent lied to a customer. Wonder if the President of Discover card knows just how bad their agents and supervisors are in the credit limit dept. I have already told 2 business and 2 other people what happened and they said if my situation is not resolved in a 2 days they are canceling their business accounts with Discover card. I will tell another 2 more business if not resolved in two days. I am pissed off at Discover card.

They told me 24-48 hours for a supervisor to call back I am consumer I desire to talk to them now. Why does it take 24-48 hours to speak to a supervisor? They said their is a waiting line for a supervisor so why have the agents to begin with and pissed off customers. You can get rid of the credit line dept and just have supervisors if that is only people that can do anything.

Thank you for this wonderful site to share and warn others about good & not so good companies.

Thank you for this site. Hope this helps someone else.

Sincerely,Pissed Discover card customer

Review about: Discover Bank Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Discover Bait & Switch for us too! Transferred money pre-approved for 0% for 18 mos!

They transferred the money set the card at 1.99% for 12 mos! Perfect credit! Made up EVERY EXCUSE I've ever heard as to why! Here it is 4 mos later and they decide to say "offer expired" - well B.S.!!



After being a Discover Card holder for over 20 years, and RARELY using this card, I recently found myself in a situation of being out of work for 3 years and caring for a dying Father. So I availed myself of their non-stop cash advance check offers that come in the mail, and utilized approx.

2/3rds of my credit line. I continued to make all of my monthly payments on time, even paying more than the minimum at times. Well today I had the experience of receiving a call out of the blue, being interrogated for 15 mins. as to my income, how long I've been in my house, what I pay for taxes, etc., etc., only to be told that my credit line is being decreased down to just above what I now owe.

A typical example of a financial instituiton being there when you don't need them and begging for your business, and then running for the hills when you need them. Well, my Dad died last week, so now I can focus on earning commissions that will pay them off and cutting up their card FOREVER. Word of advice...avoid using Discover Card for purchases, cash advances or ANYTHING. Seek out your local bank or credit union.

I wish I had as I don't want this company to make one penny from me or anyone in my family.

It will be the first card I will make sure my widowed Mother pays off as well. 1070276


When I activated my latest Discover Card they told me I had zero percent on purchases for a year. I asked about a balance transfer I had on the card which I paid $500.00 for zero percent for a year and I was told that would not be affected and I could use the zero percent for purchases.

Well after being charged interest on those purchases I contacted a supervisor who told me the greatest flim flam story I ever heard.

He said that because I have a transfer balance all purchases would be charged the standard percentage rate. I paid them off and shredded their card that I had for over 20 years.

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