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i had a credit card with discover, i called to raise my credit limit, which right now is at 500$, i owe 400$ i have never been late or paid less than minimum. i make 80k a year have no other credit card bills own my home valued at 200k, a credit rating over750.

the rude lady turned me down saying i did'nt make big enough payments, i told her i did'nt pay it off just so that i would have some credit for my credit rating, she told me if i really made that kind of money i should make bigger payments, obviously she did'nt believe me or check on me.

after a vigorous conversation with her i got the impression i did'nt get credit adjustment cause of my last name. i've been reading all the complaints about discover i think the best thing i did was tear my card up and cancel, which i hope any one eslse who has a card with them will do the same.

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I think the problem you had was keeping a balance that was 80%+ of your total limit. I can't stand Discover's sketchy practices either, but I believe that you're the one at fault in this case. My income was $37,200 and my score was 732 when Discover gave me my biggest limit increase (From $8,000 to $16,200).

You might want to research and learn all of the ways to increase your credit score and learn all of the factors that could negatively affect your score/chances of increase also.

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